Gowri Parameswaran receives SUNY grant towards the development of new adolescent education textbook

Through support from a SUNY Open Educational Resources (OER) Services Impact grant, the Department of Educational Studies & Leadership Chair Gowri Parameswaran is developing a free resource on adolescence that will be of great benefit to the next generation of empathetic teachers and school administrators. 

Parameswaran was one of 19 awardees granted funding to make unique and valuable learning materials accessible for students, receiving $9,000 to produce and distribute a print textbook titled “Adolescence in Context: A critical, multidisciplinary exploration” and additional materials at no cost for future Developing Adolescence (EDS 372) courses, when such materials are often too expensive. 

Financial accessibility is not the only advantage for students with this textbook. “Adolescence in Context” and its supplemental learning materials will offer timely, multifaceted scholarship in a field that typically sticks to a customary view of adolescence.  

While traditional discourse uses a biopsychological framework to understand the changes youth experience over time, Parameswaran’s textbook and accompanying materials draw from perspectives within the social sciences to reflect the effects rapid technological and sociocultural shifts in society have had on adolescent development.  

Through this modern framework, future teachers and administrators will be better prepared to address the needs of adolescents in the classroom.  

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About the SUNY OER Services Impact Grant 

The OER Services Impact Grant ensures that educators can provide learning materials, namely textbooks, to students in an accessible, equitable and affordable manner. SUNY OER Services works with SUNY campuses and faculty to create and incorporate high-quality and relevant print and online content that enhances the educational experience for students. 

Over $200,000 in grant funds were distributed this year to campuses across the SUNY system. To date, the program has raised more than a million dollars in student impact project grants.