Fall 2013 Workshop

Four faculty presented writing assignment ideas at the Writing Board’s Fall Workshop. These creative and inspiring assignments all used writing as a mode of learning. The presentations were:
Frank Boyer (Art Education) “Writing in Role to Summarize Course Concepts”
Penny Freel (English) “Dear Readers and Listeners: Thoughts on the Dear Mrs. Freel Letters”
Rhonda Shary (English) “How Variety in Writing Situations and Formats Can Allow Students to Pursue their Individual Fields of Interest”
Giordana Grossi “Writing as an Awareness Raising Exercise: Evaluating the Correctness of Scientific Claims in Science News Reports”


Fall retreat


The Write Stuff: Writing Intensive courses

The Writing Board held a one-day retreat on October 23 at the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center (http://www.mohonkpreserve.org/visitor-center). The focus of this retreat was writing-intensive classes. The retreat featured faculty who teach writing-intensive classes.  These experienced instructors presented practices they employ in classes and shared information about the various components and concerns that go into teaching a writing-intensive course.

Reva Wolf presented the details of her writing intensive class: Art History: Theories and Approaches
Madeleine Arseneault discussed a variety of concerns about balancing students needs and the design of writing assignments
Greg Bray, Anne Roschelle, and Larry Queipo presented best practices from the writing
intensive courses that each teaches.