Tips for submitting a WI proposal

Positively reviewed WI proposals help students to:

  • think critically and include significant writing
  • derive insights from selected readings
  • focus on revision as a critical component of the learning process
  • focus on scientific writing as a critical component of the learning process
  • provide students with a variety of writing experiences

WI proposals that required revisions received suggestions like these:

  • Please correct all typos, grammatical issues.
  • Provide deadlines for specific writing tasks, such as when revised drafts are due, and when workshop sessions occur.
  • List explicit requirements, writing assignments, and percentage of final grade.
  • Include a cover letter or memo from your department chair, attesting to the worthiness of the proposal.
  • Better match the course description with the syllabus.
  • List on syllabus: approximately how many ‘xxx’ will be assigned and the percentage of the grade associated with these assignments.
  • Will there be any in-class writing or peer-review? Will there be any other types of writing experiences?
  • Clarify what you mean by completing the reports or drafts of the reports “to the instructor’s satisfaction.”
  • Create discrete subject headings: “Course Background,” “Objectives,” and “Assignments,” and cut and pasted information under each category in a logically arranged manner.

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