New textbook from Engy Fouda guides readers through the Docker Certified Associate exam prep process

A new book from Engy Fouda, adjunct professor of electrical engineering at SUNY New Paltz, breaks down what aspiring tech professionals need to know about the coding delivery software Docker in “A Complete Guide to Docker for Operations and Development,” published by Springer Nature.

The textbook – available in softcover and eBook formats – is designed primarily to prepare readers for the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam, a foundational benchmark for those interested in careers in application development and related fields.

Fouda’s prose is aimed to be accessible, defining key terms and providing step-by-step lessons and labs to ensure thorough understanding. Practice quizzes, updated to reflect changes to the DCA exam format and question style, are included to help readers prepare faster for the exam.

Readers will gain skills that are key to expert usage of Docker, including the difference between containerization and virtualization; how to install Docker CE on various platforms; how to compare microservices and monolithic applications; and how to containerize monolithic applications.

the Docker cycle, container lifecycle, develop applications in any language, wrap, build, ship, and deploy them for production.

A Complete Guide to Docker for Operations and Development” is available for purchase and download now.

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