New Sustainability Course Designation helps students find and enroll in classes with a sustainability focus

SUNY New Paltz’s Sustainability Committee is proud to introduce the new Sustainability Course Designation, which empowers students to design a course schedule that is imbued with teaching and learning about sustainability in all its forms.

Students can now search the Summer and Fall 2022 Course Catalogs for classes with sustainability content by choosing the “Sustainability content” option in the “Degree and General Education Attribute” drop-down menu.

Faculty who teach eligible courses can apply for this new sustainability designation using this form. Applications should be submitted by Sept. 15 for spring semester courses, and by Feb. 15 for fall courses.

Courses may be eligible if they introduce students to one or more frameworks of sustainability as related to the content of the course; present sustainability as having social, economic and environmental dimensions; and include one or more sustainability learning outcomes.

Two designations are available: sustainability-related courses and sustainability-focused courses, reflecting a greater emphasis on sustainability content.

The Sustainability Committee developed this framework for Sustainability Course Designations during the 2020-21 academic year, coordinated the program with campus administrative units during the fall of 2021, and began accepting applications from faculty for designations during winter break 2021-22.

The Sustainability Committee is grateful for the support from Dickinson College’s Center for Sustainability Education, which served as a model for this program. The Office of the Provost and Records & Registration have also been valuable partners throughout this process.

Click here for more details about the new Sustainability Course Designations, and please reach out to the Sustainability Committee Academic Co-Chair, Michael Sheridan, with any questions regarding this program.