Fully vaccinated students can visit residence halls without restrictions in fall 2021

As the College prepares for a more normal, in-person fall 2021 semester, we are updating our residence hall visitation policies so that students with full COVID-19 vaccination may once again visit one another in their on-campus homes.

As a reminder, all students who live in on-campus housing must be fully vaccinated this fall. More information about that policy here.

All vaccinated students – whether or not they live on campus – will be permitted to visit fellow students in other residence halls without restrictions.

Resident students may have up to two guests at a time.

Unvaccinated students may visit fellow students, but they must remain masked at all times while in the residence hall facilities.

Unvaccinated students may not stay overnight in another student’s room.

Non-student visitors will be permitted in residence halls in fall 2021. Visitors who are fully vaccinated will not need to wear masks; visitors who are unvaccinated must wear masks at all times while in residence halls.

During daytime hours, non-student visitors will not be required to sign-in.

Non-student visitors who are fully vaccinated will be permitted in residence halls overnight, but students hosting non-student guests must have prior approval from their roommate. Students must also have their guest submit proof of vaccination to their Resident Director at least 72 hours prior to the guest’s arrival. Students assume full responsibility for their guest’s behavior and documentation. Guests who are not vaccinated will not be permitted to stay overnight.

These updated protocols are subject to change as COVID19 conditions on our campus evolve.