At SUNY’s direction, the College is working to reduce campus printing and paper consumption

This information was first announced to the campus community in a comprehensive email sent by the Division of Administration & Finance on July 14. Use this link to view that message in its entirety.


The Chancellor’s office has directed SUNY to dramatically change the print landscape across the system and reduce overall print and paper volume.

To reach this goal, we have been asked to eliminate all local (non-networked) devices and stand-alone fax machines. Administration & Finance will not approve purchases for new individual printers and/or stand-alone fax machines going forward. Scanner purchases will require review and approval by IT Services, and we ask that paper purchases be kept to a minimum.

Requests for larger departmental multiplex machines will be carefully reviewed and will require System Administration approval to move forward.

We ask that departments work with a neighboring department to share printers (for small jobs) or with the campus print shop (for larger jobs). Please use this link to submit a request to the campus print shop.

Maintenance agreements are also being scrutinized at this time and, if approved, will be for a six-month or 12-month maximum. In many instances they might not be approved, and the department will be required to phase out the maintenance of the printer/fax.

We understand that these changes may impact the way some departments are accustomed to working. Please keep in mind that this SUNY-directed initiative stands to save our campus approximately $280,000 per year and more than $13,000,000 for SUNY as a whole.

A campus team will be convened over the summer that will manage this initiative for the campus. Further information will be forthcoming regarding this project.