Interested in supporting community entrepreneurs? Become an HV Mentor!

The new Hudson Valley Mentors program at SUNY New Paltz is looking for professionals in all areas of expertise to join our network of mentors supporting the next generation of start-up businesses and entrepreneurs in our region.

Hudson Valley Mentors understands that mentors come in all shapes and sizes, and that sometimes the most valuable way to help a young business is to listen to their experiences and share a new perspective.

Whether you’re an experienced manager and investor, a communications expert, a researcher or someone with an altogether unique skillset, your insight could make the difference for a Hudson Valley entrepreneur working through a business challenge.

At a time commitment of just eight hours over the course of four to six weeks, becoming a Hudson Valley Mentor makes it easy to engage with the local community in a way that fits your schedule.

Interested in learning more? You can use this link to schedule a call with Eliza Edge, Hudson Valley Mentors program manager, or go straight here for the application form.

Upon completing the brief application, our program will match you with a screened entrepreneur and help set up an initial connection.

Additional details about our mission, approach and origin story are available at the Hudson Valley Mentors website.