Graduate program in Literacy Education now offers an online cohort option

The School of Education at SUNY New Paltz is pleased to offer a new, fully online curriculum in its Master of Science in Literacy Education program.

The new option lets teacher candidates complete all classes and practicum requirements remotely as part of a cohort of online learners.

The online option does not replace the traditional, on-campus model – students can choose between the in-person and online pathways for becoming a certified literacy specialist.

Those who opt for the online curriculum will still have plenty of face-to-face interaction with faculty and applied classroom experiences. The majority of the 36-credit program will be delivered through synchronous (real-time) online courses, so students can interact directly with instructors and peers.

The same is true for the required practicum. Literacy Education candidates will gain real-world, faculty-mentored experience through the Literacy Center at SUNY New Paltz, which provides both remote and in-person literacy services to children in the Hudson Valley.

Both the in-person and online curricula lead to New York State certification as a literacy specialist.

More information about the MS Ed. in Literacy Education at SUNY New Paltz is available at this link.

Interested in learning more? You can connect with the program coordinator at, and get information about graduate admission by reaching out to