Fragments of a New Reality: See MFA artwork in the Fine Arts Building, now through Nov. 23

Promotional artwork for the show was created by Courtney Haeick ’20g (Studio Art)

Students in various stages of their Master of Fine Arts degree programs at SUNY New Paltz are displaying work in the Fine Arts Building Rotunda through Monday, Nov. 23.

“Fragments of a New Reality,” a socially distant exhibition curated by Rosa Loveszy ’20g (Painting/Drawing), conjures memories of pre-pandemic life. It features the work of more than two dozen MFA students, some just starting their graduate school journeys, some further along, and others preparing to graduate soon.

The artists’ statement reads in part:

“As we remember a time prior to the world altering events of 2020, we recall fragments of life before travel restrictions, masks, and social distancing. Spending countless days inside has shifted everyone’s individual paradigm and altered the perspective of our entire generation. Each day presents challenges and opportunities to navigate our new reality.

“The work here is a colorful reminder of the varied textures and activity beyond the confines of our home. Artists have looked to their environments, both interior and exterior, and found ways to depict the shift in their new narratives. These works refer to a space beyond our routine understanding. By capturing scenes of everyday life and transforming it through performance and material intervention, our minds become filled with ideas of a dimension beyond this current existence.”

The show features works by MFA students Amber Synnett, Ana Maria Farina, Ashley Pollack, Claire Webb, Courtney Haeick, Dawoon Jeong, Deborah Corr, Eileen Townsend, Emily Houssart, Emily Tyman, Funlola Coker, Gregg Rivas, Heather Michaud, Hee Joo Yang, Jackson Hardin, Jazzule France, Jiyu An, John Sullivan, Julia McBride, Lisa Kraushaar, Matt Reynolds, Mick Bodnar, Mike Caputo, Nicki Robibero and Rosa Loveszy.

“Fragments of a New Reality” is a testament to the challenges that artists at SUNY New Paltz and around the world have faced in 2020, and also to their adaptability in the face of drastic changes to the way they practice and create.

“Despite alterations to their creative space, they continue to pursue their vision,” concludes the artists’ statement. “Against all obstacles, these artists have the ability to shape a culture and environment filled with forthcoming positive change.”