Center for International Programs unveils AlertTraveler notification system for students abroad

SUNY New Paltz has implemented a new, secure mobile app to that makes it easy for students travelling abroad to send and receive updates and emergency notifications while they are abroad.

AlertTraveler combines itinerary tracking systems, news and emergency updates and GPS technology to help students stay on schedule and stay informed about destination locations while they are participating in Study Abroad programs.

The app provides a variety of tools that are useful to travelers of all levels of experience, including quick-dial emergency service numbers, real-time alerts, check-in options that allow students to confirm when they’ve safely arrived at any of the College’s many international partner institutions.

AlertTraveler also makes it easy for students to communicate with New Paltz’s Center for International Programs while they are away, for help troubleshooting travel issues big and small. Study Abroad staff and advisors receive alerts from students and get real-time updates when itineraries are impacted by delays, cancellations and other potential problems.

Visit the Center for International Programs for more information about the dozens of international opportunities available to SUNY New Paltz students at host campuses around the globe.

Learn more about the AlertTraveler app online.