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Accounting MBA at SUNY New Paltz named best value in New York State

The MBA in Accounting program at SUNY New Paltz was one of just two New York State graduate programs named in a new ranking of the most affordable master’s degree programs in accounting for the 2018-19 academic year.

The list comes from AccountingEDU.org, a non-profit resource created by and for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and those aspiring to earn certification.

AccountingEDU’s methodology relies on two primary factors to determine the value of a program – cost, and CPA exam first-time pass rate – while also factoring in programmatic strengths and differentiators.

“If a school is routinely sending more than half of its students out to nail the UCPA on the first try, it’s not a fluke,” they write. “They’re doing something right.”

As one of only two MBA programs in Accounting representing New York State in the rankings, SUNY New Paltz is cited as having a first-time CPA exam pass rate of 60.5 percent.

CPA exam pass rate is a relevant proxy for program strength, because many people who choose to pursue graduate degrees in accounting do so specifically to meet the 150-semester-hour threshold to qualify for CPA licensure.

“Since the average bachelor’s degree only gets you to 120 hours, those extra 30 have to come from somewhere, and for most would-be CPAs it’s a master’s program that gets it done,” the post reads. “Master’s degree programs in accounting are expensive, though – according to Sallie Mae, the average master’s program for the 2016-2017 school year ran to nearly $25,000 per year.”

AccountingEDU reports a cost per credit of $619 for in-state residents at SUNY New Paltz, significantly lower than many other listed schools in the northeast U.S.

The publication also cites the College’s flexible part-time/full-time curricular options, the year-round online course offerings, and student support available through the MBA/Business Executive Mentor Program.

Visit AccountingEDU.org’s rankings of affordable master’s degree in accounting programs for more about their rankings and methodology.

Use this link to learn more about the MBA Program at SUNY New Paltz.