More than 430 return to New Paltz for Alumni Reunion 2017

SUNY New Paltz welcomed alumni and guests back to their alma mater for Reunion 2017, a weekend celebration that is the principal event for reconnecting with fellow alumni at SUNY New Paltz.

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The weekend program featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Walk of Honor on the New Paltz campus, which pays tribute to thousands of students, faculty and staff who have called the College home over the years, and the many things they accomplished during and after their time here.

“The diverse representation of majors and affinity groups made Reunion a rewarding experience,” said Director of Alumni Relations Shana Circe ’02 (Art Education) ’08g (Visual Arts Education). “Each alum radiated a sense of nostalgia and homecoming as they stepped foot back onto campus.”

Also this year, 28 graduates of the class of 1967 were inducted into the Lantern Society for their 50th anniversary year, and the College presented Heritage and Alumni Awards to outstanding members of the New Paltz family.

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Reunion 2018 will be held on campus, Oct. 12-14. See you there!