Alumni Council elects new officers

The College is pleased to announce that the SUNY New Paltz Alumni Council has ratified its constitution and held its first election for officers, who, along with the Director of Alumni Relations, make up its Executive Committee.

The Alumni Council. Photo taken 2014.
The Alumni Council. Photo taken 2014.

Executive Committee


Anthony Winn ’92 (Business Administration)

Vice President

Robin Cohen-LaValle ’77 (Psychology and Communication) ’82g (Psychology)


Amanda Gresens-Rogers ’08 (Communication)

Representative to the College Council

Alan Dunefsky ’69 (Biology) ’91g (Multi-cultural Education)

Director of Alumni Relations

Shana Circe ’02 (Art Education) ’08g (Visual Arts)


The Alumni Council plays a vital role in the success of alumni relations at New Paltz and is charged with assisting the College in better engaging its alumni. The Council represents the 64,000 members of the official SUNY New Paltz Alumni Association, the only alumni group recognized by the College.

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