Marketing association event brings alumni to campus for panel discussion

IMG_0468-300x225For many students in the School of Business, learning what it takes to secure employment opportunities during and after college is vital. The New Paltz American Marketing Association (AMA) recently invited two SUNY New Paltz alumni to a panel discussion, moderated by Interim Dean Kristin Backhaus, in order to discuss this important milestone.

Sal Rossano ’80 (Sociology) and John Weisgerber ’76 (Economics and Business Administration) answered questions about job interviews, the necessity of social media, and career choices.

“We returned for the enjoyment of coming back to campus, of course,” said Rossano, director of strategic accounts for Tire Centers, LLC. “But we also wanted to share our journey in life with the students and give them some perspective.”

Students from several majors within the School of Business attended the event and were given a range of advice from both alumni. Rossano discussed communication techniques that help individuals advance within a company after being hired, and Weisgerber stressed the importance of a well-rounded education.

“I wanted it to be time well spent for them,” said Weisgerber, senior vice president of Morgan Stanley. “I hope that they were open-minded and could accept the things we had to share with them.”

Students were left with specific advice from Rossano asking them to take advantage of every opportunity available at SUNY New Paltz.

“I would encourage the students to take advantage of all the different programs offered at the College, particularly study abroad,” he said. “I was personally able to study in Italy and that was a life changer for me.”

Both alumni shared stories about their college experiences and moments together as friends. While they acknowledged that things on campus were different, both left excited about the changes at the College and eager to return to serve more undergraduates.

“I am extremely impressed by the faculty, administration and students currently at SUNY New Paltz,” said Weisgerber. “I hope to get another opportunity to again address the students.”