Faculty and staff awards, honors, and appointments

Congratulations to the following faculty and staff members for their notable awards, honors, appointments and promotions:

Lauren Basciani (Administration & Finance) has been appointed Secretary 2.

Gerald Benjamin,¬†CRREO director and associate vice president for regional engagement,¬† has received a $30,000 grant from City of Johnstown for his project titled, “City of Johnstown Charter Review.”

Susan DuPilka (Graduate School) has been appointed Clerk 2.

Christine Fay (Payroll) has been appointed Calculations Clerk 2.

Assistant Professor Frantz Folmer- Andersen (Chemistry) has received a $17,500 grant from Trixogenesis LLC for his project titled, “Investigation of Active Components of Drimia Maritima.”

James Halpern, professor (Psychology) and IDMH director, has received a $25,300 grant from Purdue University for his project titled, “The STAR Behavioral Health Provider Program in New York.”

Jennifer Pechtel (Office of Environmental Health & Safety) has been appointed Keyboard Specialist 2.

Fabio Resto (Administrative Computing) has been appointed Senior Programmer/Analyst.