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Global Orange and Blue event on Dec. 4 to unite SUNY New Paltz worldwide


In a new worldwide event, alumni, students, and friends of the College are encouraged to celebrate their SUNY New Paltz pride on Global Orange & Blue Day on Thursday, Dec. 4.

“It’s a rewarding experience to take the time to look back,” said John Hoeschel ’86 (English). “To show up at reunion or particular events is great, but to go into your own community and get things started is another thing all together.”

Hoeschele, who serves as marketing communications and government relations manager at Anaren, an electronics company headquartered in East Syracuse, N.Y., is on the Alumni Advisory Council at SUNY New Paltz. After taking the opportunity to reflect on his own college experience, Hoeschele decided to host a Global Orange and Blue event, along with Catherine Fisher ’81 (Creative Writing).

“I thought it was sort of incumbent upon me to walk the talk,” he said. “I’m trying to create some excitement and a sense of New Paltz community.”

Hoeschele’s chosen event is a mixer at the Onondaga Historical Association (OHA) in downtown Syracuse for New Paltz alumni and friends to enjoy the permanent and temporary exhibits. He and Fisher are hoping that alumni in attendance take the time to reflect on their collective New Paltz experience and feel motivated to get involved. The expectation is that by reacquainting old friends, “school spirit” can be re-energized.

After attending reunion for the first time this past October, Hoeschele felt called to action. “I realized the College is a very vital and energized institution,” he said. “I think alumni would appreciate knowing that, I loved seeing assets and activities I didn’t know existed.”

Events open to SUNY New Paltz community members are posted to the College’s Global Orange & Blue webpage with registration and contact information. Alumni, students, and friends can host and plan unique gatherings. The program can be as simple as getting together for drinks, or participating in a recreational activity.

This year’s celebrations include another Upstate New York event, hosted by Jonathan Amoia ’03 (Marketing), at Buffalo Club in Buffalo. For Amoia, the plan is to create a welcoming place where SUNY New Paltz alumni and friends are able to reflect on their collective experience.

The expectation for Amoia, and many alumni who host Global Orange and Blue celebrations, is that by commemorating the New Paltz experience in a meaningful way, the College community can feel both a sense of unity and pride – wherever in the world they live, work, and gather.