Spring 2023 Newsletter

GE Board Conversations Close the Loop on Three-Year Assessment Cycle

In October and November of 2022, the General Education (GE) Board hosted a series of virtual cross-disciplinary conversations to close the loop on a three-year assessment cycle of the ten SUNY GE knowledge and skills areas. The meetings, facilitated by former and current GE Board faculty representatives provided an opportunity to discuss assessment results with the goal of improving GE education on campus.

Discussions were facilitated by the following faculty:

The Arts – Andrea Kantrowitz
Basic Communication – Nicola Clasby Wilson
Foreign Language – Adolfo Béjar Lara
Humanities – Rebecca Longtin
Mathematics – David Hobby
Natural Sciences – Eric Keeling
Social Sciences – Stephen Pampinella
United States Studies – Gregory Bynum
Western Civilization – Heather Morrison
World Civilizations – César Barros Arteaga

Faculty were notified of the meetings by announcements in the Daily Digest as well as by targeted emails. Each of the ten meetings focused on a specific GE knowledge and skill area so that faculty teaching in that area could better benefit from the discussion.

Facilitators shared GE assessment background information, assessment results, and methods of collecting feedback on the assessment process. They used shared prompts to facilitate discussions about the assessment results and how they could be used to improve GE education on campus. Questions included:

  • Based on assessment results, are there any changes you might make in your GE classes?
  • What work do your students complete that aligns with GE student learning outcomes for the content area assigned to your course?
  • What pedagogical strategies or methods have successfully supported student learning in your GE classes?
  • How do you help students understand your GE course(s) within the broader context of the GE Program?

The AY 2022-2023 GE Assessment Summary Report will include information from these cross-disciplinary conversations.