Myra Kressner ’76 will deliver the Sunday Undergraduate Commencement Address at SUNY New Paltz on May 19

SUNY New Paltz will welcome distinguished alumna Myra Kressner ’76 (Secondary Education: English) back to campus on May 19, 2024, to deliver the Commencement Address at our Sunday Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony.

A leading advocate for individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and one of the University’s most engaged alumnae, Kressner has served on the SUNY New Paltz Foundation Board of Directors since 2012 and is a 2021 recipient of the SUNY New Paltz Heritage Award, which honors those whose devotion to the University’s ideals and mission serve as extraordinary examples to the campus community.

“I have had the opportunity to spend time with New Paltz students and many of them really do inspire me and my fellow Foundation Board members,” Kressner said. “When we speak with these bright and talented students, hear their vision for the future, or for some, the challenges they have overcome to succeed at New Paltz, we are motivated to do even more students seeking their higher education at New Paltz, a ‘glorious jewel in the mid-Hudson Valley.’”

Kressner’s engagement with her alma mater has often intersected with her passion for supporting individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She established the Kressner Family Autism Spectrum Program Fund and Endowment in 2017 as a pilot to provide New Paltz students with tools and resources to succeed in college and after graduation. That initiative laid a foundation for the new Kressner Autism Spectrum Program Fund.

“Students benefit from these types of educational services when they are available,” Kressner said in 2017. “My daughter is on the Autism Spectrum, and it was difficult to see her struggle to make these challenges and transitions at the college she attended. This fund will provide access to other students in similar circumstances and offer the guidance needed to find success during their college years and in preparation for completing their course work, as well as post-graduation success in their career of choice.”

The Kressner Autism Spectrum Program Fund supports activities for New Paltz students including one-credit courses focusing on major life transitions; travel and other funding to create project-based learning and networking opportunities; underwriting a Conference for Students with Disabilities; staff training, coaching and certification for staff members; and social activities for students.

Following her own graduation from SUNY New Paltz, Kressner entered the publishing industry and later became co-founder of CSP Business Media, building an impressive portfolio of innovative media in print, web-based and conference/trade show communication. CSP was sold to Winsight Media in 2012.

In 2016, she started the Kressner Strategy Group LTD, which brings value to the marketplace by developing and facilitating strategic engagement for suppliers and operators in the convenience and foodservice channels. In 2020, Kressner co-founded Vision Group Network, a leadership share group for cross-channel discussion of disruptive solutions within convenience retail and mobility industries.

Kressner has shared her experiences and insights with students at several major events over the years, including multiple Women’s Leadership Summits and the American Marketing Association Business Development Conference, among others.