“Scope, scale and depth”: Library convenes a Celebration of Faculty Authors

The campus community gathered on Wednesday, March 6, at the Sojourner Truth Library for the annual Celebration of Faculty Authors tradition. 

This event is designed as a space for colleagues to take a moment in observation of the hard and time-intensive work of researching, drafting, refine revising and publishing book-length works in their areas of expertise, even as they balance responsibilities to teach and mentor New Paltz students.   

“This is our opportunity to celebrate the intellectual gifts, scholarly writings and creative works our faculty have produced over the year,” said New Paltz President Darrell P. Wheeler. “I am proud to see that we have the scope, scale and depth of scholarly and creative contribution on this campus.” 

The 2024 celebration honored a total of 20 books authored by 17 faculty members, across a breadth of topics and inclusive of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and prose. All of these publications have now been added to the more than 2,200 book-length works by SUNY New Paltz faculty authors in the Sojourner Truth Library’s collection.

The Library is a hub for much of what goes on within an intellectual exchange with our students,” said President Wheeler. “To the students here today, even if you’re not taking a class with one of these phenomenal scholars being honored today, take the time to reach out to them and learn more about what they’re doing.” 

The following faculty members were recognized for their scholarly and creative works: 

Alex Bartholomew, Geology 

Mary Christensen, French 

Heinz Insu Fenkl, English 

Thomas Festa, English 

Patricia A. Fitzpatrick, Latin American & Carribean Studies

Glenn Geher, Psychology 

Anna Gjika, Sociology 

Carol Goodman, English 

Giordana Grossi, Psychology 

Ronald Knapp, Geography & Environmental Studies

Timothy Liu, English 

Lauren Mark, Communication 

Cyrus Mulready, English 

Matt Newcomb, English 

Nadia Sablin, Art 

Michelle Woods, English 

Jason Wrench, Communication