What faculty and staff need to know about working with Facilities Operations & Maintenance in 2023-24

Facilities Operations & Maintenance has put together a list of tips and best practices for faculty and staff to ensure they receivethe most efficient service when calling in an emergency or requesting a work order. 

This large department is responsible for maintenance of the University’s 214 acres and 50+ buildings. Operations and maintenance teams work around the clock to keep the campus safe, functional, and beautiful. 

By following the guidance below, all members of the campus community can contribute to this effort and ensure that they receive the fastest possible service. 


Please note: These facility protocols apply only to issues related to general maintenance and operations. In extreme circumstances, such as gas leaks/odors, fire alarm activations, bomb threats, or anything else that may pose immediate danger to the campus, individuals should contact University Police at (845) 257-2222 (or dial 911 if unable to contact UPD directly; those who dial 911 will be connected with Ulster County dispatch).


How to report a Facilities Management emergency (and what qualifies as an emergency) 

The Facilities Operations Center runs a 24/7/365 emergency phone line at (845) 257-3301. Any member of the campus community can call this line to report an emergency. Please be prepared to identify yourself, the building/location, and the nature of the emergency when you call. 

Some examples of situations that qualify as an emergency: 

Loss of electrical power to a large area or building 

Elevators not functioning 

Water leaks and continuously running water in bathrooms, sinks, etc. 

Broken glass, spills, etc. in corridors and walkways 

Building security issues such as doors not closing, broken windows 

It is important to distinguish an emergency work order from a routine work order. An emergency is defined as an unusual occurrence, utility malfunction, equipment failure and interruptions to service which present an imminent danger to life, health, or property. Only events of this nature should be reported by phone. 



How to submit a routine Facilities Management work order 

A routine work order is designed for basic maintenance, with the understanding that it will be completed within our staff’s availability and schedule. Situations like these should not be called into our emergency number. 

Instead, please use our online Work Request Form to generate a work request. Some examples of non-emergency situations that should be reported through the request form are:

Assembling and repairing furniture 

Routine electrical requests such an outlet not working with no impact to the department or a bulb out 

Routine plumbing such as a sink dripping water, water fountain not cool 

Replace or empty pans in A/C units 

Non-urgent custodial requests 

Upon completion of the Work Request Form, you will receive an initial email that the request was accepted. Additional emails will be sent to confirm that the request was generated into a Work Order with a number, and when the status of your work order has been completed and closed out. 

Please do not email or call specific Facilities Operations & Maintenance staff directly for work to be requested, and please do not leave work requests as messages on voicemail. 



Moving & Trucking/Scheduled Event Requests 

The online Work Request Form can also be used to submit Moving & Trucking requests to support your campus event with a range of services. 

Please be sure to send your request at least 10 business days prior to your event. If your event requires an estimate, please allow 15 days prior to the event. 

Some examples of scheduled events for Moving & Trucking are: 

Deliver and pick up tables and chairs to exterior areas or buildings 

Pick up and deliver oversized or heavy materials from Receiving to a building 

Rope off areas in parking lots to reserve spaces for College Council members 

Need estimate for ample power, receptacles, extension cords or electrical support 

Need assistance for set ups for events 



Other ways of accessing the Work Request Form 

The Work Request form is available at this link: 


If you don’t have that link, you can also access it through the College’s new landing page for institutional forms: 


One on that page, you can select “Facilities & Parking” to filter by department and quickly find the Facilities Online Work Request form. 

A third option is to log into my.newpaltz.edu, click “Forms” > “Forms page” to be directed to the new landing page. 

The Facilities Operations & Maintenance team thanks all community members for reviewing this information and helping ensure a smooth and efficient process for maintaining campus infrastructure.