Student Association announces results of fall 2023 Senate elections

The following message was sent to all students via email on Sept. 15 

Dear Students, 

We are happy to announce the results for the Student Association Senate elections. We would like to take the time to thank each student who took the time to vote last week and have a voice in your representation and participation.  

Attached you will find the results for the 2023-24 Student Senate positions. Also attached is a snapshot of the student voter demographics. Congratulations to all the candidates who took part and ran for a seat! 

 The following Student Senate positions remain vacant: 

School of Fine and Performing Arts Senator 

Ashokan Hall Senator 

Bliss Hall Senator 

Bouton Hall Senator 

Capen Hall Senator 

College/Shango Hall Senator 

Esopus Hall Senator 

Gage Hall Senator 

Lenape Senator 

Minnewaska Hall Senator 

Mohonk/Awosting Hall Senator 

Ridgeview Senator 

Scudder Hall Senator 

Shawangunk Hall Senator 

Student Senator-At-Large (one seat) 

If either of the above vacant seats interests you or if you have any questions, please contact AnnaLynn DiMarco ( and Kerry Hernandez ( 

Best Regards,   

Kerry Hernandez 

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Governance