Five Classified Staff members earn Presidential Recognition Awards for outstanding campus service

From left: Michael Waldron, Thomas Welch, Diane Drury, President Donald P. Christian, Julie Shine, Patricia Nottage-Rober


SUNY New Paltz honored five Classified Staff members with Presidential Recognition Awards at the 2022 Faculty & Staff Appreciation Picnic and BBQ on May 24.

These awards are given annually to members of the Classified Staff who have shown extraordinary dedication to serving the College community.

“This is a way for me to say thank you to these people for their significant contributions and dedicated service to SUNY New Paltz, and our students and employees,” President Christian said.

The Presidential Recognition Awards package includes a stipend, certificate and gift bag, plus the chance to celebrate alongside colleagues at the annual picnic.

This year’s Presidential Recognition Awardees are:


Diane Drury
Administrative Assistant 1 – Office of Field Experiences

Since joining the College in 2017, Drury has been credited for exceptional service in meeting student needs. She maintains a professional relationship with the students, faculty, and our many superintendents and principals across 200 districts. Her contributions were particularly vital during the pandemic, as she stepped up to the plate during periods of short staffing to ensure New Paltz students succeed in their placements. Drury is dedicated to her position, goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the department, and creates a positive work environment.


Patricia Nottage-Rober
Office Assistant 2 (Calculations) – Office of Development & Alumni Relations

Nottage-Rober is known by colleagues as a pleasant, upbeat and willing collaborator who maintained a high standard of work while serving as a key in-office employee throughout the pandemic. In conjunction with colleagues in the Finance departments, Nottage-Rober helped implement a new method of batching, researching and processing charitable gifts, helping maintain efficient operations and save on printing costs during hybrid working conditions. She also consistently volunteers to work campus events, such as the Distinguished Speakers Series, New Student Convocation and Alumni Reunion Weekend.


Julie Shine
Administrative Assistant 1 – Office of Academic Advising & Student Success

Since joining the College in 2007, Shine has consistently shown herself to be an exemplar of student service who always goes the extra mile to help people feel welcome at New Paltz. Now in the Office of Academic Advising, Shine draws on her experience working in other areas of the College to minimize difficulties that students encounter. She gives her undivided attention and is willing to seek out answers instead of deferring students to other departments. Whether helping a student locate their lost keys by calling around campus, providing patient guidance on essential tasks, or effectively handling student inquires and either resolving or directing them to the proper department, Shine continuously proves her desire to go above and beyond for students.


Michael Waldron
Administrative Assistant 2 – Division of Student Affairs

Waldron has been credited for being on the front line handling multiple variations of call inquires, reports and duties supporting the College during COVID-19. He investigates and responds to testing and screening violations, which at times have been in excess of 250 students, and is also the main contact for quarantine isolation package delivery: books, care packages, even pizza deliveries. His ability to relate to the student experience is due in part to his own status as an enrolled student working on his baccalaureate degree at SUNY New Paltz. Waldron’s interactions with students balance compassion and resolve to support a healthy and safe college community. When students are most in need, they can turn to Michael, and he literally delivers.


Thomas Welch
Facility Operations Assistant 2 – Facilities Operations (Grounds Department)

Welch has been credited for his excellence in overall service to SUNY New Paltz over a career spanning more than two decades. He has proven to be a reliable and dependable employee with a flawless attendance record of never being late, never out sick, and has never missed one snowstorm. He plays a big role in the beautification of the campus. Through planting over 100 trees, he was able to save the College thousands of dollars. Welch has earned a reputation as someone who can be counted on anytime day or night, and who is always willing to go the extra mile to help other departments on campus.