Employees: If you get a bill for on-campus testing from Enzo Labs, here’s how to get it covered

All SUNY New Paltz faculty and staff can access COVID-19 testing at Awosting Hall at no cost to them.

However, in rare cases, campus employees may receive a bill from Enzo Labs.

If this happens to you, DO NOT PAY THE BILL!

Instead, please scan a copy of the bill you received and email it to Michele Halstead, vice president for administration & finance, at halsteam@newpaltz.edu, and the College will arrange a billing correction.

Please note that this applies only for on-campus COVID-19 testing provided by Enzo Labs at Awosting Hall.

Employees who get tested off campus do so at their own expense if not covered by insurance. This includes tests conducted at the state-run testing site at College Terrace, which are considered “off-campus” tests for billing purposes because the site is operated by the State of New York, not by the College.