Update on campus building heating for fall and winter 2021

The following message was sent to all members of the campus community via email on Oct. 14.

Facilities Operations staff have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for our pending heating season. High temperature hot water has been delivered to all of the buildings and we have started the process of converting our air conditioning systems over to heating.

To all of our new employees, and as a reminder to the entire campus community, for most of our large academic spaces and buildings with air conditioning chiller systems, once we convert over from a/c to heat Facilities Operations does not have the ability to bounce back and forth between a/c and heat. The same holds true for heating to a/c season in the spring.

Our department evaluates consecutive days of either cool or hot temperatures during these periods of transition. The forecast is now settling in on consistent temperatures in the 45 to 65 degree range heading into next week so the decision to convert to heat is viable at this point. Our goal is to have the campus heat operable to all buildings by the end of next week. During the transition periods I always suggest to bring some articles of clothing that can help you control some of the comfort level that you desire.

Energy prices have spiked recently so we will also try and manage our setpoints to address saving money for the College but also ensure our campus community is working in a comfortable environment.

Thank you for your patience while we transition to fall and hopefully everyone can enjoy some of the upcoming foliage season. The weather has seemed to delay the process a bit, but I am starting to see some nice colors coming out around the Hudson Valley now.

Gary Buckman
Director of Facilities Operations & Maintenance