Are you taking a fully online course schedule? Complete the attestation at today

SUNY students who are taking a fully online course schedule and are not coming to campus to use facilities or for any other reason are exempt from SUNY’s vaccination, testing and screening requirements.

To confirm their exemption and avoid course withdrawal, New Paltz students who meet these criteria must go to and click “View your COVID-19 profile” to sign an attestation that:

They will not have any campus presence during the fall 2021 semester, and
They understand they will not be allowed to use any SUNY facility unless they submit proof of vaccination or are granted an exemption.

Students will only see the attestation in their COVID-19 profile if they have not submitted proof of vaccination OR had an exemption approved, AND they do not live on campus. Those who have already shown proof of vaccination or had an exemption approved do not need to sign this attestation, as they are already in compliance with SUNY’s policies. Students who live on campus are not eligible, as it is only for students with no campus presence.

Students who complete this attestation and remain off campus this fall will not be withdrawn from classes on the Sept. 27 vaccination deadline, even if they remain unvaccinated.

Please note that this is a semester-specific exemption for fall 2021 only. If you plan to attend in-person classes at New Paltz or any SUNY campus at any time in the future, you must be fully vaccinated or qualify for a medical or religious exemption, per the SUNY-wide policy.

The full text of the attestation is below. Eligible students can go to to sign it.