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New on your my.newpaltz COVID-19 profile: A voluntary option to share vaccination info

All students, faculty and staff now have the option of sharing information about their vaccination status with the College via the COVID-19 profile that’s accessible by logging into my.newpaltz.edu.

This is a voluntary option to provide information that will help the College determine the percentage of our campus community that has been vaccinated, for reporting to SUNY and New York State.

This information will also support COVID-19 management and help inform planning for on-campus programs and activities in the fall. Members of our community who share their vaccination info may be excused from aspects of our contact tracing and quarantine processes, since vaccinated people do not have to quarantine after exposure.

UPDATE: As of Monday, May 17, members of our community who have been fully vaccinated AND submitted their vaccination info to the College through my.newpaltz.edu will be exempt from SUNY’s mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing policy. Read more here about the testing exemption for vaccinated people.

Once you log into my.newpaltz.edu, and after completing your Daily Health Screening, you should see a link to “View your COVID-19 Profile.” Click that link, and look for the button that says “Submit Vaccination Information.”

An example of what users will see after logging into my.newpaltz.edu and clicking the “Submit Vaccine Information” option in their COVID-19 profile

Those who choose to provide this information will be asked to specify which vaccine they received and on what date(s). They will also be asked to upload a photograph of their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. That image will be deleted from campus drives after approval of your vaccination status.

Before submitting, users will be able to review and agree to a consent acknowledgement, which notes that the College will adhere to all state and federal regulations regarding the sharing of this information.

After submitting their info, the user’s vaccination status will be marked as “Pending Review.” Students’ information will be reviewed by Student Health Center staff, and employees’ information will be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion.

If approved, members of our community will have their vaccination “Verified” and will receive an email to this effect.

If there is an issue with the uploaded information, the user will receive an email that their vaccination status has been “Rejected,” along with a rationale and recommendations for remedying their submission.