List of courses approved by SUNY to begin in-person instruction on Jan. 25, 2021

The following message was shared with students, faculty and staff via email on Dec. 10.

SUNY has approved a limited list of New Paltz courses (below) to begin in-person instruction on Monday, Jan. 25, 2021. These courses will be taught remotely from Jan. 19-22.

Program Title Course Section
Biochemistry BCM475/1
Biochemistry BCM475/2
Chemistry CHE323/1
Chemistry CHE407/1
Chemistry CHE490/1
Physics PHY491/1-2
Art Education ARE405 /1
Art Education ARE406 /1
Communication Disorders CMD 515/01
Political Science POL 484
School Counseling COU781/782
Mental Health Counseling COU771/772
Adolescence Education SED404/SED604 Sec 7-9/
SED405/SED605 Section 10-12
Adolescence Education SED579-95
Childhood Education EED404/604-95/EED405/605-95
Childhood Education EED302-95,96,97
Childhood Education EDI393/EDI593
Special Education SPE733/743/753
Educational Administration EDA701-95,96,97
Adolescence Education SED373-01 / SED546-01, 02
Adolescence Education SED702-01


Off-site internships, student teaching and clinical experience locations must adhere to New York State COVID-19 protocols.

All other in-person or hybrid courses scheduled for the spring semester must begin remotely on the first day of the spring semester, Tuesday, Jan. 19, and be taught remotely until Feb. 1.

Please note that our Spring 2021 Academic Continuity/Health and Safety plan is being evaluated by SUNY. We will alert the campus as soon as it is approved.

We wanted to send this information to the campus community as quickly as possible to allow you ample time to adjust your plans.

If you are a faculty member and have questions, please contact your chair or associate dean. If you are a student and have questions, please contact your faculty advisor.


Barbara Lyman
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs