President Christian encourages M/C employees to get tested for COVID-19

President Donald P. Christian is encouraging SUNY New Paltz employees who are designated management or confidential (M/C), and who have had a regular presence on campus since Sept. 21, to consider voluntary participation in COVID-19 pool testing this semester.

COVID-19 testing is among several best practices to protect the continued health and safety of our campus community.

While bargaining units including UUP, CSEA and PEF have already agreed with SUNY on mandatory employee testing, employees with the M/C designation are not members of a bargaining unit, and as of this writing there is no mandate in place for these employees to be tested.

The College is recommending that M/C employees follow guidance issued to other bargaining units and plan to be tested twice this semester: once in October and then again in November.

M/C employees who have already availed themselves of testing on campus (within two weeks of Oct. 8) have satisfied the October testing requirement and can wait and participate in the November testing dates.

M/C employees who have test results from outside providers (conducted within two weeks of Oct. 8) can submit their results to and satisfy the October testing requirement.

On-campus testing will be open to M/C employees on the following dates:

  • Oct. 8 & 9
  • Nov. 12 & 13

Hours of testing are subject to change from week to week but will generally be held during regular work hours. Testing will take place in the Awosting Hall Basement Lounge and will be conducted by self-administered saliva swab.

Please note that anyone who wishes to be tested via on-campus pool testing must first create an account with our partners at SUNY Upstate Medical University. Please use this link to create your account prior to appearing for testing. You will need to provide insurance information. When the registration app asks, “Do you have a test kit?” you have successfully completed the pre-registration process. The test kit with the barcode to scan will be provided at the testing site.

Please also remember not to brush your teeth or use mouthwash within three hours prior to your test, and not to smoke, vape, eat, or drink within 30 minutes prior to your test.

Additional information about on-campus COVID-19 testing for employees is available via this link.