Student Crisis Grant Fund: Emergency aid when you need it most

COVID-19 has affected many of us financially. If you or a student you know is experiencing a financial crisis, whether directly related to COVID-19 or another unforeseeable hardship (e.g. new medical bills, stolen laptop, car accident, etc.) that is threatening your ability to continue your college career, there is help.

Thanks to generous contributions from faculty, staff, alumni and friends, the Student Crisis Grant Fund provides emergency aid toward essential academic needs (books and supplies), replacement of lost or damaged items and basic needs such as utilities, childcare, short-term housing and transportation.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the maximum award amount has been raised to $1,000, and some restrictions on how funds are used (such as payment needing to go directly to a vendor) have been suspended. The Fund still may not be used toward tuition, on-campus housing or fees, or food (community members who are experiencing food insecurity are encouraged to use the Food Pantry).

Use this link to apply for the Student Crisis Grant Fund, or find the application link in the Resources menu at

Student Crisis Grant Funds are limited and rely on donations. If you or your family would like to make a contribution to support SUNY New Paltz students in need, please see the SUNY New Paltz Foundation’s Emergency Funds donation page or make a food, toiletry or monetary donation to the Food Pantry.