A word of caution regarding playing sports during pandemic

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This guidance comes from Dr. Richard J. Ordway Jr., director of the student health service.

Campus community members can view updates at the Coronavirus Information and Coronavirus FAQs webpages, which are being updated regularly as this situation evolves.

In light of the recent health crisis pandemic, we are asking everyone to please live every part of your life more cautiously. This includes participation in sports – due to both the nature of being in close contact with others as well as the danger of injury that could require emergency services.

Most team sports do not involve staying six feet away from each other, which is vitally important right now to prevent the spread of the virus – even if you don’t have symptoms. You could be infected and passing it along to others who could have contact with more susceptible people.

(Translation: don’t go play rugby, basketball, etc., and then endanger someone’s grandma).

Also, please live more carefully when it comes to non-team physical activity too, such as skateboarding and any other potentially risky actions. All health care services have their hands full caring for the sick right now and would be appreciative if avoidable injuries could be kept to a minimum.

Let’s all do our part to get through this as best we can by not creating more health emergencies that could be avoided.

Be safe. Be well.

Thank you.

Richard J. Ordway Jr., M.D.
Director Student Health Service