Student Affairs recognizes Distinguished Seniors at end-of-year awards ceremony

The Division of Student Affairs at SUNY New Paltz celebrated 31 exceptional graduating seniors at the second annual Distinguished Senior in Student Affairs Award Ceremony on May 9.

This new honor acknowledges graduating seniors who have demonstrated exemplary service in the many areas of campus life overseen by Student Affairs.

“You have served as team captains, as committee chairs, as building managers, as innovators and educators, all while maintaining a strong academic record,” said Stephanie Blaisdell, vice president for student affairs. “You have each faced personal challenges, but you learned from your tribulations and are stronger for your struggle. Your hard work and insight have left an indelible mark on this campus that will persist long after you graduate. We thank you for the difference you’ve made during your time here.”

Awards were presented to students by mentors and supervisors in Athletics, Wellness & Recreation, the office of the Dean of Students, the Career Resource Center, the Center for Student Development, the Center for Student Media, the Disability Resource Center, the Educational Opportunity Program, Residence Life and Student Activities and Union Services.

To qualify, students must have completed at least one academic year of service to one of these units, and must also have shown complementary campus involvement, leadership or civic engagement, and maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

The following SUNY New Paltz students received Distinguished Senior in Student Affairs Awards in 2019:

Samantha Ackerman ’19 (Communication Disorders)

Franchesca Arecy ’19 (Communication Disorders)

Sarah Barsotti ’19 (Digital Media Production)

Raven-Dion Blake ’19 (Communication Disorders)

Jesslyn Burgos ’19 (Communication Studies)

Kevin Burns ’19 (Communication Studies)

Shannon Butler ’19 (Sociology)

Jennifer Covais ’19 (Political Science)

Gab DeAngelis ’19 (Digital Media Production)

Johanna Ferrer ’19 (Communication Disorders)

Laila Garcia ’19 (Early Childhood/Childhood Education)

Sasha Garcia ’18 (Geography)

Brianna Hernandez ’19 (English)

Taylor Howell ’19 (Accounting)

Cat Keefe-Harris (International Relations; Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies)

Alicia McGowan ’19 (Journalism)

Maisie Kate Miller ’19 (Sociology)

Dynahlee Padilla ’19 (Journalism)

Andrea Paredes ’19 (Communication Studies)

Puja Patel ’19 (Psychology)

Rachael Purtell ’19 (Communication Studies; Psychology)

Kylie Regan ’19 (Sociology)

Tasani Rose ’19 (Communication Disorders)

Matthew Schenfeld ’19 (Psychology)

N’Della Seque ’19 (Sociology)

Sebastian Gordon Somers-Archer ’19 (Marketing)

Vincenzo Tarricone ’19 (Psychology; Public Relations)

Jennifer Thompson ’19 (Anthropology; History)

Jason Vasquez ’19 (Digital Media Production)

Elee Wolf-Sonkin ’19 (Political Science; Psychology)

Min Zhao ’19 (Marketing)

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