EvoS Summer Institute returns to SUNY New Paltz, July 23-25

Registration is now open for the 2018 Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) Summer Institute at SUNY New Paltz, a professional development opportunity for current and future educators seeking to bring evolutionary principles into their teaching.

The Institute, which runs from July 23-25 on the New Paltz campus, is designed to enable teachers and professionals in related fields to master the core concepts needed to effectively apply evolutionary science in a secondary education classroom.

The 20-hour curriculum is consistent with Next Generation Science Standards as they relate to evolution education. Successful completion of the Institute leads to two 10-hour Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Addressed topics include:

  • Basic principles of evolutionary theory
  • Basic biological processes of evolution, including how evolutionary principles dovetail with our understanding of genetics
  • Evolutionary processes related to human origins and behavior
  • Evolution applied to important issues of humanity
  • Issues specific to the teaching of evolution at multiple levels

EvoS Summer Institute sessions are led by SUNY New Paltz faculty experts across a range of disciplines. Examples include “Evolution and Health,” presented by Associate Professor of History Hamilton Stapell; “Evolution and the Arts,” by Associate Professor of Theatre Arts Andrea Varga; and “Evolution and the Next Generation Science Standards,” by Associate Professor Rosemary Millham of the School of Education.

Previous years’ alumni of the EvoS Summer Institute will also return to campus to share their stories of incorporating evolutionary concepts and principles into their course curricula.

Registration for the Evolutionary Studies Summer Institute at SUNY New Paltz is $300 per person for the three-day, 20-hour program. Please use this link to register.

Additional details about the EvoS Summer Institute, including the complete schedule, testimonials and registration information, is available at http://evostudies.org/evolutionary-studies-summer-institute-at-new-paltz-2018/.

Questions can be addressed to Glenn Geher, director of the EvoS Summer Institute, at geherg@newpaltz.edu.

The EvoS Summer Institute is supported by the New York State Master Teacher Program, a community of experts in STEM education that helps teachers develop expertise in content, pedagogy and community engagement. SUNY New Paltz was one of four original NYS Master Teacher Program host sites; there are now nine such sites in the state.

The Institute is also supported by the Evolutionary Studies Program at SUNY New Paltz, which was launched with a large grant from the National Science Foundation.