SUNY New Paltz kicks off summer with annual faculty & staff BBQ

After a rainy Commencement weekend, the sun came out for the College’s annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation Picnic & BBQ, held this year on the Parker Quad on May 23.

The event gives campus employees a well-earned opportunity to decompress and socialize over summery cuisine.

“After the busy pace of the year, a gathering like this lets us step back a little bit, catch our breath, enjoy some food and chat with colleagues and friends,” said President Donald P. Christian.

The picnic also features the presentation of Presidential Recognition Awards, given annually to hand-picked members of the Classified Staff who have shown extraordinary dedication to serving the College community.

2018 Presidential Recognition Award recipients.
From left: Danny McMillan, J. Carson, Cecily Brown, President Christian, Theresa Monroe, Cathy Coppinger, Kathy Khuns

The Presidential Recognition Awards package includes a stipend, certificate, gift bag, and, most importantly, the chance to be put on the spot in front of friends and colleagues as President Christian reads out each awardee’s credentials. This year’s recipients:

Cecily Brown, office assistant 2, Payroll Office
Brown joined New Paltz in 2014, and quickly earned a reputation for provided exceptional service to students and staff. Her nominator cited her role in keeping the Payroll Office functioning well during a transition period, thanks to her willingness to take on new responsibilities and her skill at quickly internalizing new information.

J. Carson, investigator, University Police Department
Carson has been a member of UPD since 2010, and has proven skilled at providing support to campus community members throughout all steps of the investigation process. Carson also played an instrumental role in the UPD’s recently fulfilled effort to receive accreditation from the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Cathy Coppinger, agency program aide, Office of Development & Alumni Relations
Coppinger arrived at SUNY New Paltz in 2009, and is described by colleagues as someone who demonstrates ease and grace on a daily basis. She has attained a level of expertise in using the Banner program and has helped her division expand students’ access to scholarship support.

Kathy Khuns, office assistant 1, Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion
Khuns has been with the College since 2015. She earned nomination for this award through her outstanding customer service skills and her willingness to go the extra mile, especially to support new employees with their transition to life at New Paltz.

Danny McMillan, custodial services, Office of Facilities Operations
McMillian took his position at SUNY New Paltz in 2005 and has become well-known for his kindness and thoughtfulness. He can often be found in the wintertime helping students shovel cars out from under tall piles of snow, or offering visitors wayfinding advice for getting around campus.

Theresa Monroe, secretary 1, Office of Residence Life
Monroe is a beloved and dedicated professional in Residence Life, working tirelessly to meet the needs of students and fellow staff alike. Her nominator described the warm smile with which Monroe receives all student questions, big and small, and her passion for helping people find success at the College.

Sheila Muller, library clerk 3, Sojourner Truth Library
Muller came to campus in 2015. She provides excellent service in the Library to students and faculty, and has taken it upon herself to research opportunities for Library staff to develop professionally. She also played a key role in the development of a STL front desk web page.

Hans always receives Presidential Recognition!

The All Faculty and Staff Appreciation Picnic & BBQ is sponsored by the Office of the President and organized by the Office of Development & Alumni Relations.