XAE Induction Ceremony celebrates academic excellence of EOP students

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The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at SUNY New Paltz hosted the 13th Annual Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) National Honor Society Induction Ceremony on May 1. The event recognized the academic achievements of 43 new XAE members who had been admitted to the College through opportunity programs and who have maintained grade-point averages (GPAs) above 3.0 for at least two consecutive semesters.

“The collaborative effort of faculty, family members, peers and professional staff in support of our students helps make it possible for them to succeed,” said Antonio Bonilla, director of the EOP. “The EOP program really works, and the consistent academic effort of this year’s inductees is a true testament to that fact.”

The 2015 ceremony also saw 30 inductees from previous years recognized as having earned a Ruby, Emerald or Diamond upgrade. This supplemental distinction is reserved for students who have continued to excel academically after their initial society induction by earning and maintaining GPAs of 3.5 or higher.

This year’s XAE ceremony was particularly memorable, as it featured the inclusion of College President Donald P. Christian as Keynote Speaker and Honorary Inductee.

“We’re so proud of the accomplishments of EOP students during their time here at New Paltz,” President Christian said. “You are a model for both EOP and non-EOP students. Today we recognize the significant time and energy you’ve dedicated to achieving laudable academic performance, and we also celebrate your involvement in the EOP and greater campus community, which has an equally profound impact on your experience as a student.

“I’m honored to have been invited to join you as an Honorary Member of Chi Alpha Epsilon. It’s a pleasure to be part of such distinguished company.”

XAE was formed in 1989 as a national honor society recognizing the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through opportunity programs. The society has grown to include more than 125 chapters in the years since.

New Paltz chartered the Beta Omicron Chapter of the XAE and inducted its first 72 members in 2003, which at the time was the largest single-institution chartering induction class in the history of the society. The Beta Omicron Chapter has continued to reward EOP alumni with XAE induction and community service opportunities, and today the College boasts one of the largest undergraduate memberships in the country.

“To be an XAE member means everything to me,” said Máliqua Fisher ’15 (Sociology – Criminology). “We not only are recognized for being in an honor society; we promote academic excellence in others. XAE helps me to realize that I can do whatever I put my mind to, and be a role model to anyone.”

More information about Chi Alpha Epsilon and the Educational Opportunity Program at SUNY New Paltz is available online.


2015 Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) Beta Omicron Chapter Inductees:

Layla Abdullah; Alexandra Abreu Boria; Kimberly Aguilar; Karina Alvarado; Lissy Alvarez;

Mamoudou Ba; Joshua Baldera; Andrew Caceres; Alyanna Camacho;

President Donald P. Christian (Honorary Inductee); Luisa Cruz; Emily De Jesus

Woodjany Delice; Victoria Espinosa; Yorhely Garabito; Aileen Gonzalez; Joshua Gonzalez

Alexandria Griffiths; Francy Hernandez; Hui Li; Meng Ting Li; Emily Mateo;

Erica McNaughton; Karina Medina; Avisha Mohabir; Terance Morgan; Andrea Peña

Tusha Ramnarine; Yaranny Reynoso; Shariah Robinson; Bryan Rodriguez-Guzman

Claiane Rojas; Kimberly Roman; Gina Rondon; Ashley Salgado; Maritza Sanchez

Paula Schulman; Nima Sherpa; Raquel Suarez; Edyaline Tejeda; Roniel Ureña

Samantha Vanderpool; Kimberly Velazquez; Ying Zhan


2015 Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) Beta Omicron Chapter Upgrade Achievers:

Diamond (4.00 GPA): 

Stefany Batista; Jenisse Bouret; Marie D’Apice

Emerald (3.75 – 3.99 GPA):

Jacqueline Aguilar; Licelotte Fernandez; Marfry Hernandez; Yinan Hou; Samuel Jimenez;

Kerry Kamrudin; Danny Perez; Devorah Price; Adiana Rivera; Paola Rodriguez;

Akeem Samuels; Mercy Vega

Ruby (3.5 – 3.74 GPA):

Hillary Acosta; Rabih Ahmed; Marielayne Baez; Charina Castillo; Nearlyse Dandas;

Leah DeLeon; Kimberly Difo; Stephanie Fernandez; Joceline Nieves; Tania Pastuizaca;

Andrew Sanchez; Jesus Silvestre Bonilla; Aisha Sooknanan; Juana Subi; Kintura Williams