Students and alumni connect during the 100 Days Senior Celebration

100days (1)Class of 2015 undergraduates recently celebrated the imminent transition from student to alumnus/a status at the 100 Days Senior Celebration, sponsored by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at SUNY New Paltz.

The event offered seniors information on undergraduate commencement, Alumni Relations programs and services, the Senior Gift program, as well as an opportunity to mark their last 100 days on campus. Students also had the chance to speak with alumni, including Alumni Advisory Council representatives, who offered guidance, answered questions, and helped the enthusiastic seniors plan their futures.

“Graduation is such a pivotal moment for our students and I like to be involved in that process with them in anyway I can,” said Council member Shana (Bender) Circe ’02 ’06g. “I thought it was such a clever idea to start a countdown and to begin preparing students with what it means to be New Paltz alumni.”

While volunteering at the “Ask an Alumni” table, Circe answered several questions from seniors that covered a broad range of topics. Some inquired about the purchase of a class ring while others wanted to know how to land a job after graduation.

“Every question was sincere,” said Circe. “I could see that the event really put the impending graduation into perspective.”

Graduation is just one milestone during a student’s relationship with the College, and yet it also marks an automatic membership to the SUNY New Paltz Alumni Association. As new members, former students have access to a number of benefits.

For senior Zameena Mejia ’15 (Spanish, Public Relations) the 100 Days Celebration was an opportunity to get back in touch with her school spirit, to speak to other students about their upcoming plans, and to reflect on her time at SUNY New Paltz.

“I’ve always felt special and appreciated by the College throughout my four years as a student,” said Mejia. “But seeing the alumni volunteers at the 100 Days Senior Celebration made me realize that I too, would love to give back for years to come.”