Unveiling the Future: The Making of Mohonk Walk

The eastern edge of campus will soon be much easier, safer, and more scenic for pedestrians. Built along the footprint of an old village road, the new Mohonk Walk will provide foot access between the Excelsior Concourse and the site of a future new science building near the campus’s main entrance. Construction of the east portion of Mohonk Walk is scheduled to be completed before students return to campus in August. Beautification of the surrounding landscape, which will include lining the walk with oak trees and stone benches, will be completed by December.

John McEnrue, director of facilities design & construction, acknowledges the amount of construction that has taken place on campus over the past several years in an effort to develop the campus’s landscape to its full potential. “I’m thankful that people recognize that it’s for the improvement of the College,” says McEnrue. “It helps make us more sustainable, more pedestrian-friendly, and improves the experience of everyone who lives, works, and learns on campus.”

Mohonk Walk West, which will continue from the Main Academic Concourse to van den Berg Hall, will be constructed in summer 2013. The new Mohonk Walk was designed by Sasaki Associates, Inc., of Boston.

More information on the Mohonk Walk project can be found in the SUNY New Paltz Site and Landscape Master Plan.