SUNY New Paltz convocation ceremony welcomes incoming students

NEW PALTZ — The State University of New York at New Paltz will hold its 18th annual convocation at noon on Tuesday, Aug. 24, in Julien J. Studley Theatre, located in the Old Main Building.

Convocation is a formal welcoming ceremony for incoming first-year students and transfer students, with a focus on the academic experience at the university. At the ceremony, new students are introduced to the intellectual expectations and values that support the SUNY New Paltz community of scholars.

This year’s convocation will begin with the singing of “America the Beautiful” by Sara Joki, a senior music major at New Paltz. President Steven G. Poskanzer will make opening remarks and Provost David K. Lavallee will give the introduction. John VanderLippe, presiding officer of the faculty, and Victoria Passarella , president of the Student Association, will both officially welcome the new students. Members of the SUNY New Paltz faculty will also attend.

John Harrington, dean of the School of Science and Engineering, will introduce David M. Clark, associate dean of the School of Science and Engineering and a distinguished professor of mathematics, who will give the convocation address. His speech is titled, “Is Lunar Geography Important?”

For the past 31 years, Clark has published ground-breaking research, and brought successful, innovative teaching and academic leadership to New Paltz. His primary research is universal algebra, branching off into model theory and the theory of natural dualities. Clark has a broad interest in research topics in unfamiliar fields and has prompted attention and further studies in these areas.

As a result of Clark’s scientific curiosity and inquiry, he has been recognized with a U.S. patent in the field of neutral networks. Additionally, Clark has an excellent reputation, both nationally and internationally, receiving multiple travel grants to carry out research projects in Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Canada and Australia.

Note to editors: Media wishing to attend convocation should contact the SUNY New Paltz Office of Public Affairs at 257-3245 by Aug. 23. Please arrive at the event by 11:30 a.m. and see the event coordinator, Judy Albertson, or the college spokesperson, Eric Gullickson, for a press pass prior to entering the building.

A photograph of the Convocation speaker, David Clark, may be downloaded from the SUNY New Paltz Web site at