Two important changes to the process of enrolling for classes for fall 2021

The College is implementing some small but significant changes to the course registration process for 2021.

As a reminder, course registration for fall 2021 will begin on April 12 for graduate students, and on April 19 for undergraduate students.

Review and agree to the Financial Responsibility Statement before you register

Before registering for classes, students will receive a prompt in to review the Financial Responsibility Statement and agree to the terms.

The prompt can be accessed in multiple areas of the Registration portal:

  • Registration > Time Assignment
  • Registration > Add/Drop Classes
  • Registration > My Schedule Planner

Confirm your enrollment after you register

During the summer, students who are registered for fall 2021 classes will receive prompts in and reminders in their New Paltz email accounts to Confirm Enrollment prior to the start of the fall semester.

Students must confirm enrollment in order to attend classes, receive access to Blackboard and avoid having their courses deregistered.

To summarize the new process for enrolling for classes:

1) Accept financial responsibility following the prompts in This is only required once, even if you add/drop classes.

2) Register for classes.

3) Confirm enrollment prior to the start of classes – This is only required once even, if you add/drop classes.

Here is a link to learn more about the process.