Spring 2021 course withdrawal period ends on March 29

Monday, March 29, is the last day SUNY New Paltz students can withdraw from any full-semester spring 2021 course.

Before electing to withdraw from a course, the student should check with both Student Accounts and Financial Aid to be sure that a course withdrawal will not have a deleterious effect on aid status.

A student considering a course withdrawal should also discuss the implications with both the course instructor and the student advisor. In communicating with the course instructor, students sometimes discover that there are options for successfully completing the course. Advisors can help students determine if a course withdrawal will impact fall 2021 registration plans or timely graduation.

This link includes policies and procedures for course withdrawals. Information about withdrawal from part-of-term courses can be found here.

Students elect to withdraw from a course online. To withdraw from a course, go to my.newpaltz.edu > Registration > Course withdrawal.