This fall, Starfish is more useful for students, advisors and instructors than ever before

The most convenient way for New Paltz students, faculty and advisors to stay in touch and on track this semester is with Starfish, the College’s online program for tracking success, getting answers, setting up appointments and so much more.

Starfish is especially well-suited to the unprecedented circumstances of fall 2020, when a majority courses will be offered online, and many student services offices will be operating with no foot traffic or limited hours of availability.

The program supports a high-quality learning experience for all students by providing a quick and simple way for their professors and advisors to stay connected and provide students with effective support resources as soon as concerns arise.

Starfish also allows advisors and faculty to send students Kudos to congratulate them on their success, or to Flag or Refer them when academic support services may be needed. These notices do not impact students’ grades, but provide an important early-warning system letting students know that they should speak with their professor or advisor about academic support options available.

Students: Click here for instructions on accessing your Starfish success network

Faculty, Advisors & Staff: Click here for info and tutorials on getting the most out of Starfish’s features

How Starfish can help students:

  • Find answers to pressing questions when they are unsure who to call or ask
  • Learn right away if their professor has an opportunity available, an academic concern or just some advice about how to stay on track
  • Receive support when there are opportunities for improvement
  • Schedule meetings with people in their personalized Success Network, such as their advisor and other student support areas
  • Track and celebrate their successes as a New Paltz student!

How Starfish can help advisors and staff:

  • Access robust student academic information in order to provide personalized support
  • Communicate with students regarding Flags and Kudos raised by faculty
  • Recommend specific student services to students who would benefit from their valuable resources
  • Take advising notes to track where students are on their individual path
  • Close the loop with faculty and let them know how concerns are being addressed

How Starfish can help instructors:

  • Send a Kudos to students who deserve recognition for exceptional academic performance
  • Raise a Flag to inform advisors and others in a student’s academic success network that they may need support for issues including academic performance, attendance concerns and low grades
  • Receive follow-up communications from advisors and other support providers when a concern has been addressed, so you can be sure your students are receiving the help they need
  • Share timely feedback through Progress Surveys

During the 2019-20 academic year, 78% of New Paltz students received a Kudos through Starfish, and users scheduled more than 14,000 meetings between students, advisors and instructors. We hope you’ll give it a try this fall!

Starfish is managed by the Center for Student Success, which coordinates integrative student advising, peer-based academic support and timely communication between faculty, staff and students, in order to promote learning, academic engagement and timely degree completion.

Starfish and the information contained within are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA).