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Face coverings while on campus

Governor Cuomo has issued an executive order that requires us, as an employer, to provide face coverings to employees while working. There are two ways to fulfill this mandate, one is to provide procedure masks and the other is to provide handkerchiefs/cloth face coverings.  Procedure masks are in very high demand and are more expensive to replenish. Therefore, these masks should only be used for specific purposes.  We have provided procedure masks to areas we have deemed to have employees who have a high likelihood of being in routine close contact with students and the public or whose functions are not conducive to social distancing.

We are providing handkerchiefs to employees outside of these areas. Handkerchiefs should be washed before the first use and after subsequent use.  We will be posting guidance on the FAQ on use and care of your face covering.

At a minimum, any employee who is routinely in close contact (i.e. six feet or less) with members of the public, including but not limited to customers or students, will be required to wear a face covering, unless doing so would inhibit or otherwise impair the employee’s health.  Handkerchiefs are available for pickup at the Mail Room during business hours.

Employees may obtain or make their own masks or face coverings and may choose to wear them while at work. If any employee is unable to wear a mask due to health concerns, please advise the Benefits Office so that we can work with you and your supervisor on the appropriate alternatives or accommodations to comply with this new executive order.

Tanhena Pacheco Dunn
Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion

Scott Schulte
Director of Emergency Management