Welcome to the SUNY New Paltz Employee Assistance Program


EAP Coordinator: 
Avram Segall

Office: **NEW LOCATION** Faculty Office Building W-5
Phone: (845) 257-2886
Email: segalla@newpaltz.edu
Office Hours:  Tuesdays & Fridays- 11am – 1 pm; others by appointment only

Your coordinator is on-call whenever you need them! Please contact the coordinator through their individual email above to request an appointment. To ensure privacy, you may want to generalize the issue for which you are seeking help and refrain from including sensitive information in your email.

For your convenience, we can arrange for a web or teleconference appointment.

The New York State EAP’s public Web site is now part of the GOER Work-Life Services Web site NYSEAP. If you need to reach EAP during holidays or off-semester times and cannot reach your on-campus EAP coordinator, please contact the 24/7/365 NYS Statewide EAP at (800) 822-0244.

Employee Assistance Program Committee

For general information, or to email us with any with any comments or ideas for campus programs with which you would like to attend, please email us at eap@newpaltz.edu (do not use this email address to make EAP appointments, or discuss personal issues – please email the coordinators directly for appointments.)

Employee Assistance Program Committee members:

Anneliese Kniffin-Savchak – M/C, Lee Degnan – CSEA (ASU) – Co-Chairs

Nancy Cooney – UUP (IT)

Savannah Ellsworth – CSEA (FOC)

Alan Mingen – PEF (IT)

Casey Raleigh – CSEA (FOC)

Kevin Saunders – UUP (IT)

Victor Torres – NYSCOPBA (UPD)


Members of the following unions are still needed for representation in EAP – if interested, please email us at EAP@newpaltz.edu:

Vacancy – CSEA (ASU) representative

Vacancy – M/C representative