Maintaining Civility…

…On Campus and in the Classroom

word_cloud_2The idea of “Maintaining Civility on Campus and in the Classroom” is a topic that is of interest, nationally, throughout higher education, as well as locally, among the faculty and administration on our own New Paltz campus.  In light of the seriousness and timeliness of this subject, we have created this area to post informative and useful resources for those who want to explore the issue further.  If you have suggestions for further resources for this page, please contact Richard Kelder, director of the Teaching and Learning Center.

Resources for Further Research

  • Civility/Incivility in the College Classroom” – Compilation of links to useful resources on the subject collated by the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development at Michigan State University.
  • Classroom Civility” – teaching resource from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Includes definitions of civility/incivility; tips for both managing and avoiding incivility; and sample civility statements for use in syllabi.
  • Handling Conflict in the Classroom” – by Troy Lescher of the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center at Texas Tech University.  Includes definitions of civility/incivility; tips for both managing and avoiding incivility; and a list of additional web resources to explore.
  • Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom” – by Lee Warren of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University.  This article focuses on finding the teaching moments within conflict situations.
  • Scenes from a Classroom: Managing Conflict” – a series of video tutorials from University of Minnesota.  Each “scene” sets up a classroom conflict so that the viewer can decide whether or not he or she agrees with the way the situation was handled.  Following each video, a teaching consultant provides insights to how each situation might have been handled differently or more effectively.

Sample University Policies on Classroom Civility

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