Blackboard Collaborate

Below is a curated selection of support materials from the Blackboard Collaborate website; if you want more information about a topic not addressed in the materials below, please try browsing the full Collaborate Support Portal for additional topics.

Blackboard Collaborate Updates (Spring 2014)

Following the Blackboard upgrade in Spring 2014, you will begin seeing some new Blackboard Collaborate features.  For a breakdown of specifics, please take a look at the attached .pdf that details all Blackboard Collaborate Updates.

Blackboard Collaborate System Requirements

Click here for a breakdown of system requirements and recommendations for the newest version of Blackboard Collaborate.

First Time Users Guide

The First Time Users Guide is a great place for first time or new users to start exploring Blackboard Collaborate.  This area has an automatic system scanner, which will check your computer to make sure your operating system and Java software are up-to-date and compatible, as well as a test Collaborate classroom where you can practice joining a Collaborate session and navigating the “classroom.”  Additionally, this section includes a comprehensive video walk-through of Collaborate’s main features; you can watch the video all the way through or use the topic chapters to skip to specific material that you want to learn.

Tips and Troubleshooting

Access the Blackboard Collaborate Knowledge Base to read more about common issues and fixes.

Quick Reference Guides

Download these brief printable .pdfs for a quick walkthrough of common questions and/or specific issues.  You also might find it valuable to download and share some of these documents with students or other participants, or to simply point them to the information on this site.