The future is hopeful for a potential Lyme vaccine. Despite a history of failed attempts, researchers and the public have not stopped vying for an effective preventive treatment against the disease. With promising results from recent studies, many believe that a Lyme disease vaccine is inevitable.

 The History Behind the First Lyme Disease Vaccination

by Hannah Nesich

Some sufferers of Lyme disease are aware of present-day efforts to prevent the disease through vaccination. But even fewer know there was once a Lyme disease vaccine on the market, or how it fell from grace as quickly as it rose to success. 

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A Hopeful Future for the Illusive Lyme Vaccine

by Kelsey Damrad

Despite the checkered history of past efforts, researchers are steadily progressing toward developing new Lyme vaccines. With two new breakthroughs showing immense promise, life without Lyme may be right around the corner.

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