From the rough-and-tumble lives of children to hardened conspiracy theories, these stories explore Lyme disease from a cultural viewpoint. While much of the literature and research surrounding the disease is littered with terms such as “spirochete” and “intravenous vaccination treatments,” these tales follow a mysterious island, a band of camp counselors and a group of children who explain the complexities of health and disease. For a disease cloaked in uncertainty, shared stories have become the foundation for stability for many struggling for the truth about Lyme disease.

The Summer Bug Bites Big in the Classroom

by Katherine Speller

 No one in Lost Lake, N.Y. is alarmed when the splashing and shrieking of children falls silent, when kids are resigned to their beds and a cycle of antibiotics. It’s all considered the norm. However, the social and economic effects of Lyme disease can often outlast the summer heat.

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Pay Attention, It Might Be Lyme

by Jordan Wilkinson

With children accounting for about a quarter of Lyme disease cases, it’s surprising that so many are being misdiagnosed, often hindering treatment and research.

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Lyme Disease on Plum Island: Fringe Conspiracy Theory or Government Cover-up?

By Smaranda Dumitru

The government’s animal disease research center on Plum Island has been the center of multiple conspiracies. Could Lyme disease have leaked from the research center into Lyme, Connecticut, sparking the epidemic we know today?  

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Touched by Lyme: One Woman’s Struggle with Lyme Disease

By Esther Shevel

What happens when you have to give up everything you love–your favorite foods and life passions? What happens when the mind and body start losing the agility it once had?

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