Empire State of Lyme

New York has one of the highest rates of Lyme incidence, a leviathan level of Lyme disease awareness, and only a small amount of research and prevention money coming from the state. In this section, we explore the economic and political impact of Lyme disease on local communities in New York state.

Local Lyme Impacts Outdoor Groups and Businesses 

by Jen Newman

Lyme affects the economy of the local Ulster County area, as the outdoors is a staple of New York business and tourism. Take a look at how businesses and outdoors groups and clubs have reacted and been affected by Lyme in the county.

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Preventing Lyme on the Trail

by Zameena Mejia

When nature on the Rail Trail is so close and available, it’s difficult to resist wandering off the beaten path. But as ready as some are to jump at adventure past the brush, Lyme-hosting ticks have made this stretch of trail of their home. Here are the stories from members of the Town of New Paltz who often take to the Rail Trail, a five-minute walk from Main Street in downtown New Paltz, and how they prepare for traveling an area where they know they are at risk of being exposed to ticks. 

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Lyme Disease Funding Virtually Nil in Northeast 

by Quinn O’Callaghan

A look at how Lyme disease funding in New York and along the eastern seaboard is meager by any standard.

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Live Coverage of Conference “Lyme Aid and Tick Talk: Seeking Solutions” 

Compiled by Katherine Speller via Storify

Mohonk Consultations presented a community forum focusing on prevention of Lyme Disease and tick-borne illnesses at the Mohonk Mountain House Parlor in New Paltz, New York on Sunday, April 27, 2014.  Four reporters from Tick Talk set out to cover the conference and live-tweet through the lectures and speak with attendees. 

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