Hi all,

Well, it’s been a lovely experience working with you all this semester. I hope you got something out of it. I know I did.

Please do send out pitches for your op-eds. You’ve done a ton of research and reporting on Lyme, and your opinions deserve to be out in the world! Let me know if you’d like editorial or other feedback. I’m happy to stay in touch. May is our best window of opportunity to get some pieces published because the reporting is fresh and it’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

If you do send out pitches (or if you already have), let us know where on the FB Ottaway page (and if you’ve gotten any responses). This way we won’t be inundating the same editors with pitches. And if you publish something, please let us know!

Final note about grades: As you know, I have not formally graded your stories and other work in this class. This course was not about grades, in my mind: it was about collaborating together and pushing our work further. And I think we did that. That said, I do have to issue final grades. It’ll be based on your participation. If you did the writing (the news story, the feature, and the op-ed) and participated in the collaboration (online discussions and commenting, etc.), you’re golden. If you did not, that’ll be reflected in the grade. If there are extenuating circumstances you think I should know about, email me: shahs@newpaltz.edu

Keep in touch! Come to BAM on May 19! Details will be on the FB page.