Thanks everyone for your good work today. For those of you whose stories are ready for it, I will be emailing you line-edits shortly. Please note that I am editing these pieces the way a magazine or newspaper editor would, which is to say that I’ll be cutting, pasting and revising. Where I think there¬†are missing pieces, I’ll make a note in caps or bold for you to address.

Please know that I fully expect you to revise your stories as you see fit. Rewrite what I put in if you want, or change it back if clarity or accuracy is improved for it. I may want to discuss it with you but if you can make a case for why it needs to be how you want it, go for it.

You’ll see that I drafted some intro text for our home page. We can discuss what you think next class and revise accordingly.

Final drafts, along with intros, teasers, bios and images are due in class April 16.  Please make sure to bring all of your research and/or citations to class because we will be fact-checking.

See you all then!